Sustainable Apparel Coalitionへの加盟

株式会社ADOORLINKは、ファッション業界におけるサーキュラーエコノミーの実現を目指すとともに、サステナビリティへの取り組みを強化するため、Sustainable Apparel Coalition( 以下「SAC」)へ加盟しています。








当社がインターネット上で運営するO0uでは、販売するすべてのアパレル商品に対して、SACが開発した環境負荷を見える化する指標Higg Indexに基づき、CO2排出量ならびに水使用量について開示を行っています。




ADOORLINK Joins Sustainable Apparel Coalition 

ADOORLINK has joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and uses the group’s sustainability measurement suite of tools, the Higg Index, to drive environmental and social responsibility throughout its supply chain.

About the Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is an industry-wide group of more than 250 leading apparel, footwear, and textile, brands, retailers, suppliers, service providers, trade associations, nonprofits/NGOs, and academic institutions working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of products around the world. Through multi-stakeholder engagement, the SAC seeks to lead the industry toward a shared vision of sustainability built upon a common approach for measuring and evaluating apparel, footwear, and textile product sustainability performance that spotlights priorities for action and opportunities for technological innovation. The SAC was incorporated as a 501c(6) nonprofit organization and launched the groundbreaking Higg Index suite of tools in 2011.

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